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Hey, we are the new kids around pushing others to be their best selves. Coven is a group of individuals who might be considered a little "edgy". I can tell you we are all most certainly a little weird. It's us and we love it. We also love supporting others who relate to that as well. Like Nirvana says " Come as you are..."

You will find your Coven too. 


Our mission is to empower, inspire and uplift others.

We are a safe place for anyone looking to be their

authentic selves. 

The brand-new studio is located at

207 Millwood Ave

Winchester VA 22601

You will receive a higher level of service than ever before. Our studio is brand new and truly very beautiful. 

There is on street parking that is free

Please don't park right in front of the coin shop.

We are so excited to see everyone.

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