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Hey Bestie
Hey Besies

Blessed be, 

 We know finding a new stylist can be hard. You are just A few steps away

from your dream hair.

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Got an absolutely terrific cut that I love! But what I loved even more was seeing the beautiful lady next to me who was transitioning to her natural lovely silver. She was supported and cheered on by her stylist. How could she not be- she was positively glowing! What a special place that puts its clients' interests over what would make more money for the salon, if she kept coloring her hair. Bravo Coven!

Coven is such a wonderful salon filled with great talented artists. I've drove by the salon several times and loved their vibes. The service exceeded my expectations. I loved the hot towel with aromatherapy. The head massage was top notch. I left feeling better than ever after a salon experience.

Great atmosphere. Branden was great. I've gone to several salons trying to find a new "Go-To" stylist and finally feel like I've found my match. I loved that he took his time and really listened to what I wanted. Definitely recommend.

Sasha R, Client

Franci  M. Client

Sarah J. Client

Attention we now are offering Semi-Permanant Eyebrow Enhancement

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CJ is the most talented girl we have ever met, when it comes to brows.

Now she can really make your dreams

come true with semi-permanent

eyebrow enhancement. 

Please check out our service page to learn more.

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Hey Besties


207 Millwood Ave

Winchester, VA 22601


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